By Michael Baes
BTP Episode 23: Wherever I May Roam

BTP Episode 23: Wherever I May Roam

Took a couple weeks off and lived a little life.  Or life happened to me.  Trips, funerals, other unplanned events makes a Trainer's life interesting.  Sometimes life takes you places you were not expecting to go.  They are good.  They are bad.  But no matter what, you get through them and still prosper!

My trip to Minneapolis

Mistakes made by most people. (The Warrior's Weekend)

1. Always eating out
2. Not scheduling enough to do-boredom
3. Not exploring
4. Doing things that make you feel worse
5. Not giving yourself a pass / time to readjust

So with all that being said, that is NOT the purpose of the show tonight.  Everything I have talked about to this point is merely to show you that even for someone that preaches health, fitness, discipline, planning, and control; I have just as much control as the rest of you.

But even with that, the topic of this episode has more to do with GOAL setting.  Not general goal setting, but goal setting based on the season you find yourself in.  

September only has one real holiday (Labor Day), fall break is not until mid October, and the holidays have yet to enter the conversation.

I recommend finding something to keep you participating.  Take advantage of the general regularity of your schedule.

  • Great time to set up a 5k. (Cardio Prep)

  • Make friends in a new fitness social group. (Bootcamps)

  • Find a sport to play. (Fall leagues)

  • Experiment with cooking. (Learn healthy eating)

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BTP Episode 24: Minding Your Business Part 1

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