Finding Your Why: Post? No Post?

Finding Your Why: Post? No Post?

Like.  Share.  Post.  View.  Tweet.  Retweet.  Tag.  Blog.  Recommend.  Digg. 

This is the new world.  You are told that If you are not getting your message out to the masses, your business is failing.  Our worthiness is judged on the number of views a video gets or how many likes a photo generates.  It seems as if we are in danger of gauging our validity based on our number of followers.

It's true that in the world of Personal Training, having enough clients to put food on the table is essential; moreover, being able to spread my methods to hundreds and potentially thousands of people is enticing.  But is there a line we need to consider?

Maybe it's a little of the old school coming out in me, but somewhere along the way, we lost the purpose of why we generate our content.  I fear that we are falling into the trap of simply putting things out to the world that only serve to further ourselves and our business, but fail to actually offer anything of value to our people.

Last week I had the pleasure of sharing a video of a 60 year old client showing that age is merely a number by pushing a 300lb sled; he even had a 90 year old stow away on board!

I shared the video.  I have been questioning that move ever since.  Admittly, I loved watching him show his stuff; however, somewhere deep down, I wondered if I was doing it for the right reasons.

How was this going to help my client?

Did I just want more views?

Was this just me trying to get more business?

While I do believe it was a good thing, it still gave me pause.  Made me think just a little bit more about the things I share to the world.  This might not apply to everyone, but I have tried to set up a certain criteria that must be met before I publish ANY content online:

Keep it Short.  Stay on Message.

When I publish something, I want to make sure that I get to the point.  Quickly.  People don't need some drawn out, lengthy discussion on my philosophy.  They just want to absorb the message I am trying to deliver.  If it can be done with a sentence instead of a paragraph, I try to make that happen.  If a 30 second video will take the place of a 30 minute lecture, then it's a go.  People have so many things bombarding them all day long; sometimes it's nice when something is quick and concise.

Don't Sell.

Your content should be about sharing your knowledge in a specific area, not trying to make a buck.  If you manage to increase your business from your content, GREAT!  However, it is not the primary purpose. Simply publishing something with the sole intent of generating new revenue taints your message.  The public can figure out genuine knowledge sharing from being pitched something.

Make sure you offer something distinctly YOU.

It can be tempting to only imitate success.  After all, you don't want to re-invent the wheel, you just want to have the benefit of the roll.  Taking a look at others in your field and producing like-style content is awesome!  Just remember that you are your own person.  Your thoughts, views, and material concerning a subject are a valuable addition.  Do not create something that is not true to you just because you think that's how it is supposed to be done.

And for those reading this all the way through: Yes I am aware of the irony in even making this article!  But I hope it generates some thought as well.  LOL

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