The Warrior's Weekend

The Warrior's Weekend

Dieting is a constant war between doing what you are SUPPOSED to do, and what you really WANT to do.  Even though I am a Personal Trainer and fitness is what I do, I still struggle.  Like most of you, as long as I am in my set routine, I can follow my own advice without any trouble.  Monday through Friday I am dead on target.  Laser focused.

Then the Weekend comes...

I rise and grind starting at 3:45am in the morning through out the week, practicing what I preach every step of the way.  I cook my food, prep my meals, plan my workouts, take my supplements, and knock out my cardio.  The day ends around 6pm and I rest up and get ready to kill it again the next day.  It's clockwork.  I'm like a machine!

But then the Weekend comes...

Something pretty spectacular happens at the magical hour of 12pm (noon) on a Friday.  The world begins to just say "meh, whatever..." and proceeds to shut down.  The snowball starts rolling and all of a sudden any thoughts of discipline, focus, good eating, exercising, and good decision making evaporate. 

For two whole days fitness does not enter the mind.  And when Monday morning comes, there is a major price to pay.  Body weight has sky rocketed, sodium load packs every pore, and there is an overwhelming feeling of YUCK.  We put ourselves into Exercise Debt and wallow in our mess for days to come.

It does not have to be this way!  As I have stated before, all it takes is a little focus.  You have to PAY ATTENTION and not slip into a state of denial.

I spent this past weekend in Minneapolis, MN.  I flew up to see my favorite band of all time:

I had no plan, no direction, and really no idea what I was going to do until the concert.  I took a flight out at 11am on a Friday and came back on Sunday.  I decided to use the experience to show you how to manage a weekend without a plan.  Welcome to the Warrior's Weekend!

Friday morning weigh in: 178.6

Friday night dinner: Sushi from Whole Foods + Protein Bars + Terra Chips for the next day. Also, Beer.


Saturday morning breakfast: Eggs + Wheat Toast in the Hotel Lobby

Saturday lunch: Local pizza joint.  Thin crust, spinach + balsamic reduction.  Also Beer.

By this point in my day, I had worked out, walked over 5 miles and covered my steps for the day!  It was time for some food!


Concert: Beer.

Recover + Travel became the last part of the game.  I made it home late in the afternoon on Sunday. All I wanted to do was go to bed.  I woke up early the next morning and headed to work @ 5:30am.  I was pleased to see where the scale put me!

Monday morning weigh in:

It is possible to stay in check (sorta) when you are out of your element.  Find a grocery store, take some walks.  Enjoy and own your time!  Never let a good time throw you off your course.  You just need to pay attention and WANT to stay in shape.



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