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BTP Episode 26: Minding Your Business Part 3 - Personal Marketing in a Digital World

Building a successful Training business takes time, consistency, and an appropriate amount of "face time".  In order for people to hire you, they have to know you are actually available to work!  People need to physically see you working with people.  

Remember, Personal Training is as much about look and feel, as it is about hard work, nutrition, and discipline.  You need to be the SIZZLE not the STEAK.  Simply posting and sharing fitness related items is not enough. 

BTP Episode 24: Minding Your Business Part 1

On this episode of BTP, I wanted to take some time to talk about the BUSINESS of Personal Training.  For those looking to break into the business or those currently working, this series is for you!  The entire month of September is dedicated to helping you be the best business owner you can.