Consistency vs Intensity

Consistency vs Intensity

I could just be stealing the old adage of the Tortise and the Hare.  But I like mine better.

The business of exercise is full of splashy, intense new ways to 'melt fat' and 'get shredded', but they are severely lacking in a supplement, pill, or potion that helps you overcome the 'it's too cold', 'it's too dark', or 'it's too early' kind of day.  Y'know, the thing that KEEPS you on the wagon!

Anyone can do ANYTHING when they are motivated and have that inner fire; however, it takes something special from the inside, something deep down to keep doing things that hurt and taste bad; Or when you just plain don't WANT to...

And if you are honest with yourself, there are plenty more of THOSE days than the other kind!

I always feel as if I am somehow downplaying the role of excitement in the fitness world; minimizing the importance of cheering for yourself and hitting goals.  Have I become the Debbie Downer of working out?

For every Facebook post of someone going to the gym, or selfie on Instagram cheering about the greatness of organic Kale, or YouTube workout video of some amazing acrobatic feat you can only see on Ninja Warrior, there are the multitudes of crappy, piss poor, 'I don't wanna do this today', workouts being done.  I just want to give the real credit where it's due.  The key to life long fitness lies in the mundane, the non-shiny, the non-extreme, the non-'WOOHOO!! YEAH!' moments. 

And you know what?  Doing a workout when you really don't feel like it is where GREATNESS is born.  It's the less than amazing workouts that end up getting you the furthest in life...

For every RACE, there are 25x the training sessions.
For every GAME, there are 50x the practices.
For every COMPETITION, there are 100x the hours of preparation.

And some of them are just kinda: Meh.

We like to sell the moment of achievement in the fitness world--as we should!  But it is important to give credit to the prep work it takes to make those achievements REAL.  

Being consistent, intentional, and regimented will help make your fitness goals a reality.  It will help ensure that your dream of losing the pounds, dropping the body fat, winning the race, or beating the team becomes a reality. 

Don't enter your workouts looking for a beginning and ending point; Don't start out trying to be fit by looking forward to the time you get to be done with it.  Work to build a real routine based on your life.  I write this in order to help you understand that every day may not feel like a success.  It may not feel as if you have moved the needle at all.  You may feel even as if you're falling back, losing ground.

You.  Are.  Not.

The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

And after you win that game, after you finish that race--there will be another one.  And another, another, and another...  Learn to celebrate the daily achievements of sticking to your routine; find pleasure in the consistency of your workout life.  Not the intensity.  

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