Your Science Will Fail You

Your Science Will Fail You

It's amazing to me how the greatest physiques in the world were created before we really knew anything at all about exercise.  When you think of the greatest bodies ever crafted, what comes to mind?

Frank Zane
Franco Columbo

How could all these athletes have accomplished so much with just THEIR own understanding of how exercise worked?  What I mean by that is the majority of what these people did was almost complete trial and error.

From a physiological standpoint.
From a kinesiology standpoint.
From a hormonal standpoint.
From a genomic standpoint.

It has fascinated me thru my training career, and I am still no closer to coming up with an answer that I can base a study on.  In fact, I would submit to you that we are still no further in truly zeroing in on the true BEST method for working out.  All the scientific data collected only points to the universally accepted concept of:

Exercise works.  Exercise is good for you.

But when it comes to long-term health and body development, the fitness world cannot present a definitive winner.  As a Personal Trainer, it will be important for you to convey this to your client's.  It doesn't mean that you stop learning new methods of working out, reading studies, and creating your own new ideas.  All it means is that you must approach each new "revolutionary" fitness concept with an open mind.  It's funny that it took me nearly two decades to come to a conclusion that I'm sure Drew is just sitting back and smiling about:

It all works.  Every bit of exercise works.  CrossFit, Jazzercise, Paleo, Tabatta, Hypertrophy Specific Training, Slim in 6, Insanity, P90x, Pilaties, Yoga, Powerlifting, etc.  They all will only be as effective as the passion you put behind it.

This is the task set before you as a Personal Trainer.  You have to help your client put the passion behind their fitness program in order to achieve success.  Without the right motivation and positive re-inforcement, they don't stand a chance.  People will jump from the newest thing in fitness, to the next, and the next...

You need to make sure they believe in what they're doing.  If your client's program doesn't work, it's because they BELIEVE it doesn't work.  Whithout their full conviction in what they're doing, they will begin to falter.  I have seen it happen countless times.  In fact it always amazes me how a person will have amazing results with a sub-par routine.  It's because the routine doesn't matter!

It's the passion you put behind the work!

A poorly written program, fully embraced, will outdo the greatest, scientifically backed routine--Every.  Single.  Time.

Don't try to deny it, because you've seen it for yourself.  This wheel doesn't need re-inventing, it just needs you as a Personal Trainer to truly grasp the concept--and instill it in your clients.

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